Thursday, May 25, 2006

Exotica from A Taste of Vinyl

A Taste of Vinyl has kindly left some links to this compilation in the comments section. For an overview of exotica you can't go wrong with this compilation. Any more uploads will be most welcome.

Go to his site for more groovy stuff.

Track Listing

Quiet Village - Henry Mancini
Tropical - Arthur Lyman
Cockatoo - Don Tiare
Maui Girl - Webley Edwards
Temple Bells - Frank Hunter
The Song Of Delilah - Gene Rain
Bali Hai - The Surfmen
Yumba Marumba - Marty Wilson
Malaysia - Nino Nardini & Roger Roger
Chant Of The Moon - Robert Drasnin
The Breeze & I - Ted Auletta
Caravan - 80 Drums Around The World
The Voice Of The Xtabay - Yma Sumac
Temple Of Gold - Les Baxter
Jungle Drums - Martin Denny
Hong Kong Blues - Robert Mandell Orchestra
African Fantasy - Bobby Montez
Go Chango - Les Baxter
Taboo - Enoch Light
Pink Hawaii - Billy Mure
Bahia - Arthur Lyman
Temptation - Chaino
Mystery Of Yambuya - Don Ralke
Yaga Bushi - Paul Mark
Andalucia - Fantastic Strings Orchestra
La Ragazza Di Bube - Hiroshi Matsumoto
Koko Head - Milt Raskin
Hana Maui - Chick Floyd
Tahiti: A Summer Night At Sea - Les Baxter


Far Away - Part 1

Far Away - Part 2


acesso-raro said...

Very nice! Tanks!
Visit my space
(best of brazilian music)

Licorice Pizza said...

Mr. X, I just saw this link after it being up a month. Thanks! Now that I have "ripability" should be getting some great old stuff up! Thanks again for the tips you have offered over the course. Timbo